About Ash

Ashmeed Khan, personally:

Residing more than 2 decades In North Ajax with his beloved family and prevailing over all challenges, he enjoys life to the fullest. His two daughters are now 24 & 10 years old and his three sons are 23, 20, and 15. All 5 children are focused and driven as their parents encourage and lead them by example. One of their children’s favourite daily topics is discussing their future careers and Ashmeed is grateful as a parent to be able to raise them in such a nurturing community-that Ajax residents are collectively responsible for. Thank you Ajax!

You’re only as Strong as your Network:

Ash maintains that his wisest move made when opening his businesses in Ajax was immediately becoming a member of the Whitby Chamber of Commerce & Ajax-Pickering Board of Trade (APBOT). Active for the past 16 yrs, he is the recipient of their Business Excellence Award, and the Business Person of the Year award! Ashmeed served as a Director of the APBOT & chaired its Diversity Committee. He has also served for four years as Ambassador of the Whitby Chamber of Commerce and as advisor to the Recreation and Culture Committee of the Town of Ajax. He has worked closely for the past 16 years with the YMCA and the John Howard Society, hiring challenged candidates who are unfortunately considered by “society” as unemployable. Mentoring and teaching them his trade skills in the print industry helps to prepare them for a better future. His role as Councillor has increased this network tremendously and he has used this platform to refer residents for jobs and connect his community that has contributed in providing the current growth we are all witnessing.

Unchartered Waters:

At age 23 he singlehandedly built his first successful print-shop in Guyana from the humble beginnings of his father’s garage. Motivated by his self-belief of having more to offer humanity, he adventurously decided to move to Canada in 2002 with his wife and 3 young children, where in 2006 they opened their first Minuteman Press franchise print store on Harwood Avenue in Ajax. Success followed by acquiring two more existing Minuteman Press stores, in Oshawa & Kingston, within the next three years and 2 more beautiful children were added to the Khan family. In 2018, winning the position of Ward 2 councillor in Ajax after the biggest election of the town’s history, he applied his successful business acumen into Supporting, Mentoring and Building businesses over the next 4 years continuously.

Family & Health:

20 year resident of Ward 2, North Ajax with his family by his side, he enjoys life to the fullest! His 3 elder children have all completed College and whilst the 2 older sons ventured onto trade school and the corporate world, the eldest daughter is completing her law degree and will be implementing her law practice close to home in the very near future. The younger two are currently attending Elementary and High school respectively. He keeps himself active with Boxing, Mixed martial arts, biking the beautiful Ajax trails and weight training. This is accomplished through a rigid daily 5:00 am wake up schedule and a relentless fitness coach.

Who is Ashmeed?

  • Longtime North Ajax Resident
  • Youth Mentorship and Employment
  • Business Owner and Employer
  • Business Coach and Speaker
  • Ajax Hospital Shoulder Centre
  • Ajax Community Fund Grants
  • Director, Ajax-Pickering Board of Trade
  • Chairman, Diversity Committee
  • Business Excellence Award
  • Business Person fo the Year
  • Ambassador, Whitby Chamber of Commerce
  • 4 years Local Councillor ward 2- Town Of Ajax

Contacting Ash?

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